Climate action is done locally – the municipalities, cities and districts are key players in climate protection. There are also many municipalities in Germany that actively promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, carry out their own climate action projects and set the framework conditions for their citizens so that they themselves can actively work for climate protection. In doing so, they create a livable local environment combined with a less polluting way of life and economy, and often with increased local added value – the quality of life and the wellbeing of the residents increase.

Arepo supports donors, federal and state governments, local authorities and local decision-makers in strengthening municipal climate action. These include municipal climate action concepts, community energy projects, analyzes and planning in many areas. Our services range from conducting workshops with local stakeholders to evaluating existing projects and redeveloping strategies for partners in politics and business.

For instance, we supported the Federal Ministry for the Environment in the selection of projects in the area of climate-friendly urban planning and development in developing and emerging countries within the framework of the International Climate Initiative (IKI). We also developed a guideline that compares participation models for renewable energies and helps citizens to set up their own projects.

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