The concept of the energy transition has left Germany for the world. Also at home, the German government is committed to rebuild the German energy system and phase-out of nuclear and fossil fuels, and to keep the triad of energy policy objectives – security of supply, environmental and social compatibility and economic efficiency – in view. The key to this is an innovative energy policy, efficient energy consumption and optimization of the infrastructure – networks, measurement technology, cash flows.

One of our main focuses is the support of the energy transition and the climate protection activities in Germany. For example, we advise the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry for the Environment on the implementation of the National Climate Initiative (NKI) and the Energy Efficiency Fund, and prepare studies on the effects of shutting down nuclear power plants on the security of supply. To reduce the fear of change, we help to communicate new developments and business models and to facilitate a broader debate. In practical terms, we provide guidelines for business models in the field of renewable energies – in Germany and internationally, for investors, legislators and local authorities, give lectures and contribute to discussion processes. We support institutions and decision-makers worldwide to learn from German experiences, for example within the framework of the study program of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC).

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