Fair green hydrogen – Chance or Chimera in Morocco, Niger and Senegal?


The ‘Hydrogen Hype’, which has been growing for some years, currently leads to discussions about where to import the hydrogen needed for a rapid and ambitious decarbonization of “developed countries”. For the case of African countries, there are no/barely any quantity or time scales for possible imports of hydrogen available to date. Against this background, the study sets out what framework conditions would be needed to make hydrogen imports socially and ecologically sustainable.


The task of the project was to prepare a study that presents the problem situation around the complex of “fair hydrogen” using the example of the three African countries Niger, Senegal and Morocco. The study investigates what contribution the three countries can make to achieving climate neutrality for Germany by 2045 through the export of green hydrogen. In doing so, it sheds light on existing and potentially emerging “green” neo-colonial structures and proposes a catalogue of criteria to prevent and overcome such exploitative structures.