Our economic and social life is constantly changing. Climate change requires a restructuring of our economy in key areas such as energy generation, energy production, nutrition and transport. At the same time, digitalization and globalization open up new paths and opportunities for us. While new industries are emerging, some professions and entire economic sectors are losing importance. Mastering this transition in a socially responsible manner and ensuring that potential disadvantaged people are taken along is one of the great global challenges of our time.

In our work, we help local, regional and national decision-makers to tackle this challenge.

In a comprehensive publication of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation on the alternatives for structural change in Lusatia Arepo provided for example an analysis of the structural and industrial policy alternatives. Furthermore, Arepo analyzed the development of jobs in lignite regions in Germany in a short study and summarized that the structural transition has already been completed. The study was received in numerous media throughout Germany.

We accompany the structural changes in the automotive industry with studies and analyzes on the mobility transition, particularly discussing the potential and challenges of electric vehicles.

In addition, we support the exchange of international best practices regarding the so-called “just transition”, e.g. by helping to select well-designed projects that foster the transition to a low-carbon economy in a socially responsible manner.

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