Climate-neutral living – 10 levers for energy and mobility


The energy supply company Lichtblick has identified 10 key ways to support climate neutrality in energy and transport. Appropriate changes in these sectors could achieve that climate-neutral energy consumption and travel are no longer impossible by 2035 and that at reasonable costs. Lichtblick commissioned Arepo to prepare a scientifically sound paper in which these 10 measures are highlighted and presented in a comprehensible way.


The aim of the report is to substantiate the 10 levers for climate neutrality in energy and transport with a scientific basis to such an extent that it becomes clear who is called upon to act, what investment activity is necessary and what political measures are necessary, helpful and sensible in order to achieve the goal of climate neutrality. Arepo is producing a detailed background paper and a publication outlining the 10 levers that will help the public and decision-makers understand both the urgency and the simplicity of the measures.