Climate neutral living in 2035

How will we have to live by 2035 to achieve the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement?

In our report for the energy company Lichtblick, we have presented ten necessary levers for climate neutrality in the areas of energy and transport in an easy-to-understand way and at the same time backed them up with scientifically based measures.

Our report clearly identifies who is called to action, what investment activity will be required, and what policy measures are necessary and helpful to achieve the goal of climate-neutral living for the sample individuals by 2035.

Arepo prepared a report and a detailed, scientific background paper. These are intended to convey both the urgency as well as the simplicity of the actions to the public and decision makers in a simple and understandable way. Another short summary was prepared by Lichtblick. The scientific background paper is not available online. All publications are only available in German.

More information can also be found on the Lichtblick website.

We are happy to answer questions and provide information about this study. Just send us an e-mail to presse [at] arepo-consult [dot] com.