Green hydrogen will be an important building block for achieving climate neutrality targets. This requires the development of a sustainable hydrogen economy, for which technical developments and comprehensive political efforts at a local, national and international level are necessary.

However, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the topic of green hydrogen: Who can produce how much green hydrogen? In which areas does the use of hydrogen make sense? What are the implications of building a hydrogen economy for potential exporting countries in the Global South? What dangers and challenges accompany the necessary processes and developments?

Arepo’s expertise in a wide range of topics relevant to green hydrogen – renewable energy, sustainable industries, climate protection, structural change, resource and energy efficiency – allows us to contribute to answering the questions surrounding the ramp-up of a hydrogen economy. In doing so, we take all levels – local, national, and international – into account.

In our study “Fair Green Hydrogen: Opportunity or Chimera in Morocco, Niger and Senegal?” we investigated whether and to what extent three African countries are ready to develop a hydrogen economy for export. The potential environmental and social challenges were discussed and a categorization scheme was developed. This can serve as a basis for fair green hydrogen production projects that benefit both importers and exporters.

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