Short studies that help inform political processes are among the most widely received products of our work. The reader-friendly and descriptive processing of existing statistical data and the derivation of scientifically supported lines of argumentation is one of our core competencies. Our deep background knowledge and broad pool of experience allow us to make ad hoc, substantiated, independent statements and to categorize facts for larger and smaller contexts.

In particular, Arepo prepared a wide range of analyzes and handouts to support the German Energy Transition and to inform decision-makers in structurally weak or structurally changing regions. The Arepo team made recommendations for industrial policy alternatives for a socially acceptable lignite phase-out in Lusatia. With regard to the design and technical implementation of a climate-friendly energy industry, Arepo analyzed the effects of the premature shutdown of the nuclear power plants Gundremmingen C and Grafenrheinfeld on the security of supply in Bavaria.

We also create practical guidelines for investors and citizens for the implementation of renewable energy projects, especially photovoltaic, in Germany and internationally.

The reactions of the press on our works in this area can be found here.

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