The Paris Agreement stipulates a limitation of the global mean temperature increase to 1.5 or maximum two degrees Celsius. This also requires measures in the area of ​​transport, transport and mobility: traffic-related emissions for Germany increased by four percent from 1990 to 2017 and did not fall as planned. Of the total German emissions in 2017, 19 percent came from the transport sector. Also globally, the transport sector is one of the areas with the highest rates of emissions growth – and in several areas there is no clear technological alternative to fossil fuels. Transport and mobility are particularly linked to economic activity and private wellbeing.

Arepo provides in-depth background information and analysis necessary to understand the climate change barriers in this sector and to plan its transition. We support decision-makers in Germany in the assessment of solutions for the mobility of the future and sensible steering mechanisms as well as infrastructure decisions. Typical services are models, meta-studies, monitoring and evaluation studies, lectures, as well as smaller consulting services.

In our paper “More power please” for the Heinrich Böll Foundation, we compared three scenarios for the decarbonization and electrification of the transport sector and derived recommendations for policymakers on how to design and incentivize the mobility system of the future based on them. These have shown that in addition to a switch to lower-emission engines, the reduction of traffic volume – in other words, the transition of mobility – must be in the foreground. Reducing and steering motorized road traffic, enabling and promoting low-emission modes of transport – i.e. on foot, by bicycle and by public transport – and developing solutions for rural areas are the tasks ahead. In the international area, we support the BMU and UNEP in the promotion of transport and transport projects.

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