Country Specific Selection Procedure 2020 Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia – Evaluation of country-specific programme outlines of the International Climate Initiative (IKI)


The international climate protection initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) has been promoting projects on climate mitigation, adaptation to climate change, preservation of carbon sinks and protection of biodiversity in developing and emerging countries since 2008. In total, the IKI now includes over 750 individual projects and a funding volume of 4.5 billion euros (2008-2020), making it one of the most important climate finance mechanisms worldwide.

In the country-specific IKI Call for Proposals 2020, institutions were able to submit project proposals for Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in order to receive funding.


Arepo’s team of evaluators, together with various international experts, was responsible for evaluating the project proposals submitted for Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Thematically, the project proposals were all in the field of energy, energy transition and strengthening the private sector. The project proposals for Indonesia were to focus on the energy transition, i.e. primarily the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency; for Thailand, project proposals were also to be submitted with the aim of advancing the energy transition and establishing a national climate initiative. The proposals for Vietnam should focus on green growth policies and shifting financial flows. Arepo evaluated a total of six outlines. Arepo also conducted background research on the already existing project landscapes in the three countries and provided information on the project consortia.