Policy intelligence is our core competence. Arepo advises political decision makers, organizations and companies in their strategic decisions regarding projects and programs in all areas of climate protection with a focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable energy systems and biodiverstity. Our services include studies, analyses and models of energy systems, climate policies and power markets, as well as policy analyses in the energy and climate fields.

One of our main focus areas is policy analysis and consultancy supporting governments and policymakers in designing policy instruments, e.g. by developing computer models or other quantitative analyses. Quantitative models can assess the efficiency and cost effectiveness of policies before their implementation. This helps in designing policy schemes so as to optimize policy impacts.  A stakeholder analysis can be an important second aspect of our studies. In addition, the analysis of policies and market frameworks can help companies optimize their products.

The second area of core expertise of Arepo is the evaluation and impact assessment of policies and programs. Here we focus on empirical analysis of investments and greenhouse gas emission reductions, in order to assess policy and program impacts and give feedback on questions of effectiveness and efficiency of policy design. Learning from these analyses helps us to provide best practice recommendations to policymakers and investors.

On this basis, we provide advice for organizations and companies regarding investments or strategies particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energies and sustainable energy management.

Arepo currently employs an interdisciplinary team of experts in the fields of economics, environmental engineering, political science, geography, agricultural economics and communications.

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