Project summaries of innovative climate change mitigation projects of the German National Climate Initiative (NKI)

Project Background

The National Climate Initiative (NKI) was launched in 2008 and aims to support and promote various climate protection measures in Germany. The NKI funded projects and programs promote climate-friendly behavior with businesses, municipalities and consumers. They intend to remove barriers to climate protection and provide investment subsidies for a closed set of energy efficiency technologies. In this project, Arepo systematically analysed more than 90 existing climate change mitigation projects of the National Climate Change Initiative on the basis of existing project documentation.

Type and scope of services

Based on the analysis, Arepo compiled target group oriented project summaries of the innovative climate change mitigation projects. These summaries are available on the NKI-website to inform and motivate potential imitators to develop their own projects on the basis of existing experiences.
Additionally, Arepo analysed the project portfolio regarding criteria such as type of project, project cluster, methodological approaches, target groups, scale-up strategies. The findings were presented in two reports. These reports provided an overview of the totality of projects, their commonalities and recommendatations for improving the project selection. In addition, Arepo compiled an extensive database of products that were produced by the NKI-projects such as guidelines, teaching material, videos etc.