Power to the People – What are the gaps in the EU Electricity Market Design Reform?

Project background

The parliamentary group “Die LINKE” in the European Parliament has launched a “Power to the People” campaign on the occasion of the planned reform of the European electricity market design. The campaign aims to draw attention to the political demands for affordable energy prices for consumers, a restructuring of the ownership structure of the energy supply infrastructure and an accelerated energy transition towards renewable electricity production.

Type and Scope of Service

Arepo had been commissioned by MEP Cornelia Ernst (Die LINKE) to prepare a thematic discussion paper on the EU’s electricity market design. In the discussion paper, the EU Commission’s reform proposal of March 2023 is analyzed with regard to its effectiveness in terms of long-term and sustainable energy price reductions for consumers and the promotion of the expansion of renewable energies. In doing so, corresponding gaps in the EU’s goals for the expansion of renewable energies are identified. Furthermore, some fundamental alternative proposals are developed and discussed with regard to their effects.