Expert opinion on the subject: “Options for more transparency in electricity network charges”

Network charges account for more than a fifth of household electricity bills. In 2018, the total volume of grid fees paid in Germany was estimated at 24 billion euros. Although the fees are regulated by the state, the current practice for determining the network fees in Germany is incomprehensible and intransparent.

The Federation of German Consumer Organisations has therefore commissioned Arepo Consult and von Bredow Valentin Herz with the present expert opinion to analyze the status quo in detail and to develop an alternative, more transparent regulation.

The expert opinion found that the existing publication requirements are inadequate or not met and that there is a lack of clear transparency requirements and high transparency deficits. This lack of transparency has a number of causes that can be located at three levels: insufficient publication requirements, inadequate publication practice and deficiencies in the network tariff system.

The study was received in numerous media throughout Germany.

The report is only available in german.