Green Cities Programme interim evaluation


The Evaluation Department of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development evaluates mature projects and undertakes thematic studies to enhance learning and accountability at EBRD in accordance with EBRD’s Evaluation Policy. In its 2022 work programme EvD has an Interim Evaluation of Green Cities Programme. The objective of the evaluation was to assess the merits of the Green Cities Programme including the achievement of its goals and results, and to gather insights contributing to improvements of the pro-gramme in the future. Green Cities is an ambi-tious investment framework launched in 2016 and expanded a number of times. It is aimed at supporting cities in the EBRD’s countries of operation, the biggest greenhouse gas emit-ters, in adapting to and mitigating climate change.


The project consisted of two work packages: A) a review and evaluation of 20 completed Green Cities Action Plans (GCAPs) and B) a synthesis of the results of A, considering overarching guiding questions. For data collection and evaluation, a database was built that captured various indicators and categories, and included plans and monitoring information, as well as on several guidance documents (original 2016 GCAP methodology, revised 2020 methodology, and 2021 guide for managing a GCAP).