65 % renewables reduce the price of electricity

The expansion of renewable energies to 65% in the electricity sector by 2030 will lower the electricity price. This electricity-price-reducing effect can compensate for possible cost increases on the electricity market due to the phase-out of coal and overcompensate for some groups significantly. However, if the federal government’s targets of 65% renewable electricity in 2030 were not met, the electricity price on the stock exchange would, according to various scenario calculations, be around € 8 per megawatt hour higher. Electricity customers in Germany would have to pay more than 5.153 billion Euros per year for gross electricity generation if the expansion of renewable energies continues to stagnate. Individual energy-intensive companies would face additional costs in the millions. The team of Arepo compiled the study and calculated the scenarios.

The study was received in numerous media throughout Germany.

Please note that the publication is only available in German.