Umbrella Project Evaluation: Creating Enabling Conditions for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investment

Project Background

Arepo carried out the Terminal Evaluation of the UN Environment programme “Creating Enabling Conditions for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments”. The umbrella Project composed the Mediterranean Investment Facility (MIF), Climate Finance Innovation Facility (CFIF), Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP), African Carbon Asset Development (ACAD) and End-user Finance for Access to Clean Energy Technologies in South and South-East Asia (FACET). The objective of was to create an enabling environment for renewable energy and energy efficiency investments and for improving access to clean energy goods and services in developing countries. It aimed to achieve this by: 1) helping financial institutions in developing countries to create innovative and affordable financial products and services and 2) supporting project developers in developing countries to assemble financially viable investment projects. The project seeked to address clean energy investment barriers to stimulate a self-sustaining market in the countries. The activities were delivered in two components. The first component targeted financial institutions and provided them with support to develop new financial products and programmes that will attract investments in low-carbon projects and provide end users with options to afford clean energy. The second focused on climate-friendly project developers and aimed to help them to reach financial viability (through technical and financial assistance).

Type and scope of services

The evaluation of the Umbrella project had 2 primary purposes:

  1. to provide evidence of results to meet accountability requirements; and
  2. to identify lessons of operational relevance for future project formulation, implementation, learning and knowledge sharing.

Particular emphasis was laid on the evaluation of the Mediterranean Investment Facility.