Mid-Term Evaluation of the NAMA Facility

Project Background

Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) are an important modality in the post-Copenhagen and post-Paris climate finance arena. They allow the formulation and implementation of mitigation programmes and projects in non-Annex-I countries. The NAMA Facility exists to provide the funding for financial and technical assistance required for the implementation of NAMAs. This Midterm Evaluation is tasked with understanding strengths and weaknesses of the NAMA Facility at all levels (governance, Technical Support Unit (TSU), NSP pipeline and portfolio); the relevance of the NAMA Facility and how management of implementation of the NAMA Facility can be further improved.

Type and scope of services

The evaluation team performed a strongly formative Midterm Evaluation which is designed to inform further development of the Facility and improvements in its systems. It focused on effectiveness, efficiency and strategic relevance; including the NSP portfolio, the Facility’s governance and its management. Arepo Consult evaluated the whole NAMA Facility Process: Project Cycle and Project Cycle Management. This included the assessment of selection criteria on eligibility, feasibility and ambition; the workflow between submitters, the secretariat, the delivery organisations and donors; communication between the organizations and outreach, M&E of individual technical and financial NAMA Support Projects, and the implications of the Project Cycle Management on the selection of worldwide NAMAs.