Market Analysis for sustainable district heating in Poland – a Meta-Evaluation and Barrier Analysis

Project Background

In the Meta-Evaluation of Climate Change Mitigations, a Barrier Framework was developed that helped analyze climate mitigation projects for issues like effectiveness and their contribution to market transformation. In particular, the model holds the promise that a unified set of outcome indicators for climate mitigation could be identified which would work on different intervention levels – policy, programs and policies – and that it identifies or even predicts the long-term impact of an intervention. A number of case studies are necessary to test the developed framework model for its empirical basis and consistency with intervention approaches. The barrier model has been developed and first tested on the basis of market transformation interventions for energy efficient products in Thailand. In order to expand the model’s usability to projects that do not follow a market transformation logic in the strict sense of the concept, but also attempt to achieve longer-lasting and replication impacts the model is tested on another set of projects in this case study.

Type and scope of services

For this second case study, energy efficiency projects in the heating sector in Poland were selected for the analysis. Arepo had the overall responsibility for the study.