Development of sufficiency-led offers and narratives as part of the energy transition based on a consumption-oriented needs analysis


The SusAnNa project takes up the sufficiency idea and systematically investigates acceptance and alliance structures in different population groups.
As a result, two products are to be created: On the one hand, the research project includes a focus and further development of local/regional needs- and sufficiency-oriented offers, e.g. from the housing industry and mobility service providers, on the basis of a comprehensive needs analysis. On the other hand, positive narratives adapted to the target group are to be developed together with the respective multipliers (political parties, religious communities, influencers, etc.), which convey the idea of sufficiency as part of a possible personal philosophy of life (e.g. “light luggage”, “more flexibility”, “more freedom”, etc.) on the basis of shared values.


Arepo is responsible for the development and evaluation of a representative population survey, the multi-criteria application of the identified life images and the examination of the regulatory framework for the development of new services.