2nd Update “Climate Protection Concept of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate”


To achieve the climate goals outlined in the State Climate Protection Act (LKSG), a climate protection concept was developed in Rhineland-Palatinate in 2015, which was first updated in 2021. As part of the planned amendment to the LKSG, the state aims to intensify its climate goals and achieve climate neutrality by no later than 2040. The Ministry of Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, and Mobility of Rhineland-Palatinate has commissioned Arepo GmbH, along with its subcontractors IZES gGmbH and ifok GmbH, for the second update of the Rhineland-Palatinate Climate Protection Concept. The primary objective of this updated concept is to formulate strategies and measures serving as the foundation for attaining the legal goals of the LKSG. Additionally, the planned contents for the future amendment of the LKSG are to be considered. This process is based on a systematic derivation of proposals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the implementation of extensive participatory formats.


In collaboration with IZES gGmbH and ifok GmbH, Arepo will formulate measures through which the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, considering its legal framework, can make a substantial contribution to achieving its climate goals. Sector-specific proposals will be derived based on a top-down approach, taking into account the specific challenges and obstacles of each sector in the state. These proposals will serve as the content foundation for an extensive stakeholder engagement process. The measures will be presented in the form of fact sheets and documented in a database upon project completion. In addition to the measures catalog, a strategy paper will be developed, summarizing the results and encompassing a finalized climate protection concept.