Transforming Markets for Energy Efficient Products in Thailand – a Meta-Evaluation and Barrier Analysis.

Project Background

This study was a longitudinal study on energy efficiency in Thailand and the first case study of a meta-evaluation in which a logic model for market transformation in the energy efficiency and renewable energy field is developed. Market transformation is the process of introducing more efficient products and services into targeted markets, typically by a strategic intervention that brings the existing market towards a state where the more efficient product is the “natural” equilibrium choice. The overall study elaborated on the concept of market transformation by formalizing it into a Theory of No Change. The objective of the overall study is to expand that elaborated concept into a larger number of areas around climate change mitigation, including more fundamental energy efficiency investments, changes of practices and the field of renewable energy generation and other substitution processes. The case studies helped to develop the logic model and to ground it in empirical evidence.

Type and scope of services

Arepo was responsible for the entire meta-evaluation and barrier analysis.