Technical support to the project process of the International Climate Initiative (IKI)

Project Background

The International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the BMU supports ambitious climate change mitigation and adaptation and biodiversity projects in IKI cooperation countries. The 10 funding support areas included

  1. Supporting the Implementation of NDCs in Small Island Developing States (SIDS),
  2. Financing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation,
  3. Forest Landscape Restoration – Latin America, Africa or Asia,
  4. Sustainable Urban Development – Latin America, Asia,
  5. Sustainable Mobility and Strategies for Decarbonising the Transport Sector – Latin America, North Africa or Asia,
  6. Climate-friendly cooling technology in buildings, logistics and industrial processes – Africa, Middle East or Latin America,
  7. Supporting the energy transition and the development of climate-friendly energy systems – Southeast Asia,
  8. Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) – Asia, Latin America or Africa,
  9. Biodiversity Conservation in Marine and Coastal Regions – Africa or Southeast Asia,
  10. Biodiversity Conservation at Landscape Level – Africa or South Asia.

Type and scope of services

As part of the overall assignment, the Arepo team developed the quantitative evaluation framework for the IKI, which was subsequently used in the assessment and evaluation of various IKI projects and outlines. Within the scope of this project Arepo evaluated 57 project proposals in the 10 funding priorities and made recommendations on individual proposals and the entire portfolio. The core team of Arepo was supported by external experts. Each application was evaluated twice. This resulted in a ranking of the project applications in each funding priority.