Terminal evaluation of the project “Catalyzing market transformation for industrial energy efficiency and accelerate investments in best available practices and technologies in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”


The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has commissioned Arepo to evaluate the project “Catalyzing Market Transformation for Industrial Energy Efficiency and Accelerating Investments in Best Available Processes and Technologies in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.
The background of the project is the high energy consumption of the North Macedonian industrial sector. The project aims to realize the high energy saving potentials through the dissemination of energy management systems, ISO 50001, and best practice solutions, as well as through the development of policies and programs in cooperation with decision makers.
The evaluation took place between April and September 2022 and will be based on collected data from a literature review, interviews with stakeholders and a field visit to Northern Macedonia.


The objective of the evaluation was to assess the project in terms of its achievement of objectives, impact, and sustainability of results. It also identified findings, lessons learned, and recommendations to improve UNIDO’s design of new and implementation of ongoing projects. Arepo was conducting the evaluation in collaboration with the Center for Climate Change.