Idea workshops: Climate protection and transition to renewable energy.

Project Background

The project, “Synergies and Interactions between Climate Protection and Energy Transition Targets as well as Developments and Trends in Environment, Society and Economy – Idea Workshop on Climate Protection and Energy Transition” pursues the goal of networking different stakeholder groups and leading discourses across disciplines, sectors and societies in order to discuss possible solutions for the implementation of the energy transition and climate protection goals, and to identify additional synergies and supporting developments. The task was to identify and define relevant topics in the area of climate protection and the energy transition, which have potential for networking and synergy with other economic and/or social trends and topics.

Type and scope of services

Arepo and IZES selected relevant social trends and carried out five networking workshops. The aim of the project was to feed the results of the networking workshops into the in-house processes of the BMUB in a timely manner. The recommendations for action and suggestions were practically and directly implementable for the ministry. The assignment included the identification of trending topics as well as the analysis of societal trends related to climate change