Evaluation of project outlines within the framework of the thematic IKI selection procedure 2020, thematic area conservation and restoration of ecosystems


The International Climate Initiative (IKI) has been funding projects on climate mitigation, adaptation to climate change, conservation of carbon sinks and protection of biodiversity in developing and emerging countries on a project basis since 2008. In total, the IKI now includes over 750 individual projects and a funding volume of 4.5 billion euros (as of December 2020), making it one of the most important climate financing mechanisms worldwide.

The IKI’s 2020 selection process aims to help address the social and economic consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic and to demonstrate how climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity conservation can contribute to sustainable economic recovery. To receive funding from the IKI, institutions were able to submit programme concepts for 13 different thematic priorities in 2020. These included combating desertification and the Bonn Challenge.


The team of evaluators was responsible for assessing the submitted project proposals on two different topics: 1) Combating desertification: traditional and sustainable land use concepts in open land ecosystems and 2) for Bonn Challenge: innovative approaches to regional seed supply.

In total, Arepo evaluated nine proposals. Arepo also conducted background research on the project landscapes in the respective countries and on the consortia.