Evaluation of Denmark’s Climate Change Funding to Developing Countries

Project Background

The Danish climate change funding for developing countries is dominated by the Climate Envelope, which is the funding mechanism established as Denmark’s contribution to Fast Start Finance initially after the non-binding agreement at the UNFCCC COP15. The Danish Climate Envelope provides additional financing for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in developing countries. From 2008 to 2012, the Danish commitment had been about 1.5 billion DKK.

Type and scope of services

From 2014 to 2015 Arepo, together with LTS, carried out an independent evaluation of Denmark’s climate change funding to developing countries for the Evaluation Department of Danida. The aim of the ex-post evaluation was to provide evidence of how the Danish funding to address climate change has delivered results according to the objectives of the financing for climate change adaptation and mitigation in developing countries. Together with LTS as project leader, Arepo focused on a thematic technical review which looked more specifically at how coherently the Danish climate change financing had addressed the selected technical area energy, with a particular focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.