Clean Energy and Jobs for Climate Change Mitigation: Debunking Renewable Energy Myths

Project Background

Renewable energy technologies are the obvious choice in a just and climate-friendly energy system, but their deployment is fraught with many concerns: People claim that they are too expensive, have low quality, are not available in sufficient quantities, and that they have negative environmental effects and take away jobs. However, in this brochure, Arepo showed that these claims are myths and misconceptions. A rapid transition to renewable energy is already taking place. Renewables are low-cost modern energy sources, they provide green jobs and are the sustainable and equitable choice for future energy provision. Moreover, they help to avoid dangerous global climate change. Some of the developments in the renewable energy sector are very new, and this brochure aimed to encourage decision makers to reconsider their long-standing views.

Type and scope of services

Arepo was responsible for research and editing of the study.