Evaluation of the UNEP Sub-Programme on Climate Action 2014-2023

Project Background

One of the goals of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is to help countries strengthen their resilience to climate change. To this end, UNEP advises on policy and legislative projects, supports countries in accessing funding and carries out public relations work to raise awareness of the risks of climate change. UNEP also regularly produces knowledge products in which it presents current climate data. All the activities UNEP undertakes in the area of climate change are coordinated through the Climate Change Sub-Programme, which since 2022 has officially been called the Climate Action Sub-Programme (SP-CA).

Type and scope of services provided

Arepo has been commissioned by UNEP to evaluate the Climate Action Sub-Program. For this purpose, we are examining UNEP’s work in the field of climate change for the period 2014 to mid-2023. The aim of the evaluation is to formulate recommendations for the design, coordination, and implementation of the sub-program. To do this, we

1) evaluate, on a meta-level, the performance of all projects in the subprogram as of 2014; and

2) analyze the effectiveness of the subprogram.

A mixed-methods approach will be used for the evaluation, including document analysis as well as interviews.