Options for an early hard coal phase-out in the state of Hesse

Project Background

The Hessian Ministry for Environment, Climate Mitigation, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (HMUKLV) commissioned Arepo together with the Lankwitz Institute for Technology and Environment (LITE) to write a short study about the options for an early hard coal phase-out in the German federal state of Hesse. The study is analysing possibilities and threats for the locations affected by the phase-out. The emphasis lies on block 5 of the power plant “Staudinger”, the only major hard coal-fired power station in Hesse, which is located in the municipality of Großkrotzenburg close to the city of Hanau.

Type and Scope of Services

Arepo conducted the research in cooperation with LITE and compiled the entire study. Multiple on-site interviews were conducted and analyzed together with existing data. The tasks included: compilation of a fact sheet with technical data of the Staudinger power plant, assessment of existing plans for subsequent use of the site and an analysis of district heating in Hanau and Großkrotzenburg. Finally, the effects of a coal phase-out on the heat and energy supply were assessed and recommendations for action were formulated.