Jens Altevogt

Jens Altevogt leads projects in the field of international energy policy, climate finance as well as the transformation of the transport sector. He focuses on the evaluation of capacity building measures and analyses in the area of ​​ climate finance. He is an expert in the development, implementation and quality assurance of international higher education and vocational training programs in the context of renewable energies.

In the past, among other things, he carried out capacity needs assessments for skilled labor in emerging photovoltaic markets and developed concepts for the systematic development of training programs and training infrastructure to cover the need for skilled labor in new solar markets.

As a graduate industrial engineer and TÜV-certified trainer for PV plant planning, installation and commissioning, he enriches the consulting services of Arepo for the development of political framework conditions with practical expertise. Prior to joining Arepo, he was director of the solar field, consultant for the development of training programs and coach of the Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG. In his position at the German Energy Agency (dena), he accompanied the dena solar roof program and supported the development and implementation of the renewable energy export initiative.

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