About us

Arepo Consult was founded by Dr. Christine Woerlen in 2009. The main areas of our consulting practice are national and international energy and climate policy, focusing on concepts and strategies in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as monitoring and evaluation of climate change policies. AREPO stands for „All on Renewable energy and energy Efficiency POlicy”.

We at Arepo Consult are convinced that the energy system is a dynamic system that will face fundamental challenges over the next 40 years. These challenges will result in three trends: a trend towards diversification, a trend towards decarbonization and a trend towards decentralization. In our work we start by describing these trends in analyses and models and go on to supporting the relevant actors - governments, business and civil society- in their understanding of these trends so that they can act more efficiently and appropriately under circumstances of change. 

Arepo Consult works in the national as well as the international context and serves clients such as the German and other governments, private firms (e.g. consultancies, banks), development organizations, NGOs and foundations.

For further details, please also have a look at our references or the projects we are currently involved in.

Arepo Consult is based in Berlin. Find out more about our team here.