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From the design of energy efficiency programs to the assessment of markets for your energy product to the evaluation of sustainable energy initiatives - turn to our expertise.


News and current projects

65% renewable energies will lower the energy price. Study for the Green Party in the German Bundestag. 2019.

Management of the workstream for the 2019 IDEAS Global Assembly through Christine Woerlen.

Part 1 of the study "Nach der Kohle - Alternativen für einen Strukturwandel in der Lausitz" [engl. After the coal - Alternatives for a structual change in Lusatia] for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. RLS Juni 2019 (in German only). 

International Climate Initiative (IKI) Project Evaluation. BMU 2019-2021.

Evaluation of country-specific programme outlines (Colombia, Philippines, Mexico) for the International Climate Initiative (IKI). ZUG gGmbH 2018-2019.

Impact Evaluation. UNIDO’s Industrial Energy Efficiency-Related Programmes (Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt). UNIDO 2017-2019. 

Evaluation of the Carbon Market Finance Programme (CMFP)/ CiDev. DFID/BEIS 2015-2025.

and many more...