65% Erneuerbare senken den Strompreis65% renewable energies will lower the energy price

The short studiy gives an overview over the potential savings for German industries, businesses and households that would occur, if the German government was to reach their goal of 65 % energy from renewable resources by 2030.

Based on multiple sample calculations, the meta-study shows how an ambitious expansion of renewable energies would also counteract the expected increase of energy prices, due to the lignite power-phase-out. Through a comparison of energy prices with and without ambitious expansion, the authors show how especially the industry will save Billions due to the merit-order-effect. Also households and businesses would save over 120 million Euros respectively, even with a surge in EEG reallocation charges. However, according to the current status of the expansion it is unlikely that the goal of 65% renewables by 2030 will be reached.

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